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What are the Benefits of Massage?

Updated: 17 hours ago

If you have never had a massage before, you may be asking this very question. If you have had a massage, you may not be aware of all the good things you are doing for yourself when you get a massage. It was once thought that you only got a massage to celebrate a special occasion or you were on vacation. Now, massage has become a regular component in wellness.

Massage has been shown to provide many benefits. For example:

  • Massage can decrease some results of stress. We've all heard of tension headaches. Image being stressed and just holding the muscles in a tightened position. Over time, these unhappy muscles can causes tension in the body. Common issues we may have from stress include headaches, neck pain, and low back pain.

  • Massage can decrease pain levels. Chronic physical pain can have an impact on both our physical and mental well-being. Reduced pain leads to improved sleep, better mood and increased ability to move through your day-to-day life.

  • Massage can also increase range of motion. Through massage and specific stretching, you can increase your mobility and improve your posture. I love telling the story of a client of mine who entered cross-fit competitions. Her range of motion and performance improved just by addition massage to her regular wellness routine. She told everyone at the gym that they must have massage in their life!

  • In addition to the above, massage can reduce anxiety, improve circulation, lower blood pressure and much, much more!

Reach out today to find out how massage can help you.

Denise Sheehan, LMT - NOW Mind and Body -, 978-500-1104

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